Hampton (VA) made me.

Howard raised me.

Harlem is now my home in a city that introduced me to endless possibilities.



So, there you have it. I’m a New York City-based, proud HBCU alumna with southern roots.

I’m also a marketer specializing in integrated media strategy and brand sponsorships for content creators with 5+ years of gaining experience and perspective at top agencies working on leading brands including Verizon, Swarovski & LVMH Beauty.

I am the founder of Strivers’ Row, a platform that celebrates and connects young, Black doers. It is more than a passion project or side hustle; I am grateful to have found an entrepreneurial endeavor that embodies my purpose. We are currently creating content and campaigns while dabbling in events, but there’s so much more in store. Stick with us. We promise it will be worth it.

I am a lover of travel, R&B (especially live shows), fiction (historical & contemporary gratify me in different ways), culture, and people.

As for people, it’s my knack for observation that enhances my skills and shapes my approach as a marketer. My desire to create spaces for people like me to exist unapologetically is the driving force behind everything else I do.