Destinee Swindell



Starting at $500

There’s something you need to build awareness for and/or drive action around - a product or service launch, new content, a promotion, an event. After assessing the current state of affairs and aligning on objectives, I will craft a holistic media plan to reach your desired audience.

Strategic Planning

Starting at $750

Get everything that comes with campaign planning plus the added benefits of thinking ahead. With your long-term brand and business goals top of mind, I will lay out your media strategy for at least six months. We will touchbase regularly and detailed quarterly media plans will be adjusted based on performance and other influential factors.


  • PaidOwnedEarned approach means dedicated strategies for paid and owned channels with a goal of securing earned media because word-of-mouth is still reigns

  • A range of tactics including traditional, digital, content, events and partnerships will be up for consideration. I will hone in on the most effective touchpoints for your message to create a journey for the audience

  • Budgets are planned with care to maximize impact and minimize waste regardless of the amount

  • Tactical implementation, creative execution, event production and partnership outreach can be included. I’ll stick to what I know best and build a team of highly qualified colleagues to execute less familiar tasks

Example Plan Inclusions:

  • Target Audience Profile

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Social Posting Calendar

  • Paid Social Execution Plan

  • Sponsorship Packages

  • Creative Treatment

  • Talent/Influencer Recommendation

  • Influencer Brief



Are you a creator of high-quality, in-demand content or a unique event with traction? Are you seeking partnerships to assist with production expenses and grow your audience? Would you rather leave the marketing to a marketer who will equip you to convince brands to invest in your vision?



Pitch Package

Starting at $500

Tell me all about your project in your own terms and I will translate the opportunity for potential partners. Includes a pitch deck and one-hour prep meeting during which I will provide guidance for presenting.

Partner Sourcing

Starting at $900

Includes Pitch Package

I will identify partners that strategically align with your content and/or audience then recommend nuanced approaches based on thorough research. Includes personalized pitch materials for each partner.


Starting at $1,300

+ Commission on Closed Deals

Let’s jump in the trenches together. I will handle correspondence with potential partners and accompany you to meetings. The level of support provided in meetings - from leading the presentation to simply answering questions outside of your wheelhouse - is at your discretion.



I’m available to answer specific questions, give advice on your brand or business and provide feedback on what you’re doing or thinking to do, so let’s talk! To make the most of our time, send me any materials or information you’d like for me to review in advance.



Single Session


Consulting Package

$250 for 4 hours scheduled at your discretion

(e.g. one 4 hour session, monthly 1 hour sessions, weekly 30 minute sessions, one 2 hour session and four 30 minute follow ups)